Founded in spring 2024, Félicie Eymard is a creator of printed objects and garments from a fictional world. A world inhabited by creatures we call «Species».

They float, swim, and then surge onto a dress, leap on wallpaper, doze off on a notebook, hug a cushion…

Familiar faces on the border between the real and the imaginary.They metamorphose into objects to wear, pose and love. These dreamlike, magical, organic creatures have only one ambition, to enchant the ordinary.

Regularly, capsule collections allow Species to celebrate a material, a craftmanship, or an encounter.

Félicie Eymard?

Félicie Eymard was born in Paris and grew up in France and Iceland.

After graduating in product design from La Cambre in Brussels and the Royal College of Art in London, she then worked as a jewelry and leather goods designer at Maison Margiela, Jean-Paul Gaultier, & Other Stories …

Accessory Finalist at the 35th edition of the Hyères Fashion Festival, Félicie presented a collection of transformable accessories that awakened her desire for a metamorphosis.

Minimalist objects, maximalist prints, her symmetry arises from this perpetual back and forth between silence and flamboyance, sobriety and opulence.

From her drawings, the Species were born, and these enigmatic and playful creatures have become prints.

portrait fondatrice Maison Félicie Eymard


These Species were lucky.
As we leapt into the void, we could count on a few birds in flight without whom this world would have remained fictitious.

Anne-Charlotte Moulard: photography ; Antoine Leclaire: video ; Leopold Vernay : color garding, Tom Noirault: 3D animation ; Lefblom: sound. Alma Brémond and Thorunn Anspach, who made friends with the Species wearing skirts, dresses, scarves… Masterful work by make-up artist :Tina Piters. Elise Hardy : stage management ; Kheireddine Kherzane : production ; Sarah Ramos: tailoring. Generous support from Sophie Fro- ment, Christian Laporte, Danielle Hardy. The involvement of Thibault Frag and his printing house who saw the Species multiply for the first time. Jerome Reese for the translation and Tania Taleb and Pierre Waflart for the development of this website.
Unwavering support from Valérie- Anne Eymard, hunter of fabulous places, and Eric Eymard, masterly writer.

This first silk collection was made with a workshop located in the north of France. The collections are made on demand to facilitate restocking based on sales. It is a radical change of approach that also enables us to recycle materials.